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Lullabies Of The Fallen

by Andrea Baroni



Electronic music with warmth and soul (and some sharp edges), enhanced by acoustic instruments like piano and strings.
Lullabies for those who have fallen, hoped, dreamed, loved and lost.


released March 1, 2013

All songs and lyrics written by Andrea Baroni

Andrea Baroni : synths, piano, drums, vocals, guitars
Valentina Iacopinelli : vocals

Recorded and mixed by Andrea Baroni at Cyberleaf Studio, between 2010 and 2012.
Mastered by Niko Santaniello at Big Wave Studio - Italy, in February 2013.

Artwork by Andrea Baroni.
Original cover photo my Emily Faulkner (


all rights reserved



Andrea Baroni Brighton, UK

Andrea “bluegestalt” Baroni is an eclectic music composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer, living in the UK.

His music ranges from piano-only music to synthwave and chiptune tracks, passing through orchestral scores (and yes, he played in a metal band too, long hair included).

He loves video games, movies, cats, his family, being a decent human being and coffee, a lot of coffee.
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Track Name: Morning Colors
Awake with all the heart disassembled
Looking up for you
But the light of this cold morning sun
Causes me to collect
Did I mention I was sorry
Of living losing you

Awake again, (I) feel nothing
Wish I didn’t learn how to be real
I put a mask on my pale empty face
Just to look like I care
Of the colors of this morning sky
That will soon disappear
Of all the streets there full
of people walking and then

Every morning color now
Will fade just into you
And all the time we spent together
Will stray, to a place we called home...
...a place we called home
Track Name: Horrors And Pale Shades
Now you’ve reached the bottom
Of your life and you don’t know why
Beats and noises catching you
like horrors you can’t hide and
You are alone
You are alone
You are alone
You are alone
When you lay down
You are alone
You are alone
You are alone
You are alone
When you fade out

Walking like a ghost
Who smells like smoke and isolation
Dust covering dust now
In black layers of frustration

Now you’ve reached the bottom
All the lights fall straight on your head
Beats and Noises
Dust and strains
Of muscles
With no movement
Track Name: While You Are Here
I’m lying awake
Your eyelids trembling to the moon
And so I wonder just
How far you are
From here

So tell me
Which life you are dreaming in your dreams
Is it better than this?
Does it beckon me?

Feels like drowning
Sunken deep into sullen fears
But you make me real

Seems like morning
That is while you are here
That is why you are here

I’ll keep this close
A secret place you shared with me

While you are here
This is
Why you are here

Keep me real
Let me heal
Into your
Fragile dreams
Broken seals

This is why you are here
Track Name: Before The Fall
I care too much
Of what is false and what is true
And what I need may be
Irrelevant to you
To be the one who blow his heart upon the storm

Let it
Come before the fall
Let it
Show the loss
With a spirit once so strong

There’s a path
That leads
Somewhere away from here
And there’s
A lined face
With emotions left to rot

So may it
Come before the fall
Let it
Come before the fall

To waste your life
In order to feel fine
While all I had to ask
Was a chance to spend my time

I let you win
And take all that I left behind
So come before the fall

I let you win
And take all that I left behind
And stare before the fall
Track Name: Questa Lenta Primavera
Osservo il tempo che
impiegherò, per crederci,
stringendo forte la mia gola
perdendo quello che sei

Ma non puoi dire che
c’è solo vuoto attorno a te,
finchè la vita che hai in mente
ti lascia respirare
in questa

Lenta primavera
Lenta primavera

Trattengo gli attimi
e vado via
cercando segni sulla pelle
cercando di cambiare

Ma adesso guardami
Un'ombra che
Si è persa ormai in ogni luogo
E continua a camminare
in questa

Lenta primavera
Lenta primavera
Lenta primavera
Lenta primavera Dentro noi
quello che non sai
presto esploderà

Se dentro noi
niente scorre più
neanchè il sangue ormai
solo polvere

E niente più
può cambiare qua
niente più, qua

Vorrei fosse vera
questa nostra...
Track Name: Hiding Inside A Labyrinth
You hide in the wounds
You have got or dealt
A labyrinth for the weakest
And you can't be found
Nor healed, not this time
You are a landing with no sail

And so
Please tell me then which hiding
May be safe
Safe when you are lost

Our trace has gone
So long ago now

And so
Please tell me then why hiding
When there's much
So much left to lose
But all
All is vain now
And like you
No one cares

Of dreams
That we made
While our blood
Has been drained

And we fall
From a future
Never built
And never claimed

And there is a thin line
Between what you are
And what it may seem wicked
So down in the sand
Your face may become
Like dust from this cold river
Track Name: Breakdown
Fear is like a run-down home
A part of you which shatters and drops
A shade you cannot hush or chase away
So I fall
Losing all that matters more
All that meant to you

Life seems a move which leads nowhere
So burn the time we cannot bend
And burn the changes we deny,
in this cold hide where there's no light.
And there's no backdoor, no escape
Just dreadful thoughts in this dark place
A breakdown for the rest of us
To fix the mess built in our heart
..or let this tide to cover us

Just fall down
Keep on falling down

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